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Why The DIY Route Isn’t Worth the Risk in Boston

It is no mystery that keeping an idle, unused vehicle can spell out disaster for any modern consumer.  As this article explains, an idle car can result in huge fines if left unregistered, and myriad headaches resulting from all of the maintenance issues that arise more often than not.  If the car did run, and remains idle,  you can be pretty sure that it no longer will.  If it doesn’t run, then why should you let the state screw you with fines for not registering what is effectively a pile of rubbish?  The natural solution is to scrap or sell your car.

Selling a Junk Car Yourself

If the car runs and you know it can drive, you MIGHT be able to get as much as $500, but chances are you will struggle to sell the car to a viable user, and even then you will inevitably run into lemon-law issues or just general legal trouble if the car someone buys from you fails to pass any inspection laws.  Best approach?  Sell the junk car for scrap.

Scrapping a Car

As the majority of sites will tell you, you CAN get more money by scrapping your car yourself.  BUT, when looked at from an economic perspective, you are actually losing money in the long run because of the immense amount of time and expense associated with scrapping yourself.  This article will explain the process of  preparing your vehicle for a salvage yard yourself.  Already you are into the car for about 3-6 hours of labor for an individual who is not experienced in the deconstruction of a vehicle.  What goes into salvage prep?

  • Draining all vehicle fluids
  • Possibly Removing the fuel tank
  • Possibly plugging hoses and crimping metal lines to prevent residual drainage leak
  • Removing all personal items
  • Removing tires (unless you pay the salvager to keep them)
  • Plus you have to pay a tow service to bring your now drained car to a salvage yard

Right off the bat, you are doing a lot of work.  Next, someone might suggest to you that you will get the most for your junk car by parting it out.  Well first off, this requires a good amount of knowledge about auto parts, and prices.  THEN you have to find and remove all of these parts and bring them to market.  This article explains some of the valuable parts that you might find in your vehicle other than just the scrap metal.   The name of that game is upwards of 20 hours of labor for the average inexperienced laborer to deconstruct their parts, and probably another 10-20 just to actually get the removed parts sold.  Then, on top of removing and selling those parts, you then have to complete all of the aforementioned bullet points to bring your car to a salvage yard where you might get $50-$200 for the scrap metal depending on the vehicle size.  You will probably be closer to the $50 side of things, when all is said and done.

Finally, you have to sell your parts which involves putting out classified ads.  You might be able to get away with just craigslist, but you are definitely going to be subject to fair market value in whichever market you are in, say Boston, metrowest, north shore, south shore, bristol, norfolk, suffolk, middlesex, plymouth….whichever county.  Some of the parts you removed might not even be worth anything because there is way more supply than demand.

You will have sunk a full work-week into the car and the only monetary return you might see after paying for towing, and the expense of having the yard keep your tires (if they even offer that service) is at most around $350.   So the question is, are you able to get more for your time than $8.75?

If so, you might as well skip the DIY and give us a call at 617.719.6436

ARS Towing and Junk Car Removal in Boston

ARS will always give you a fair quote, and the best part is you barely have to lift a finger.  We are fast, friendly, and you actually MAKE money.  Instead of having to weigh out the operating expense of doing it yourself, to find out if you made any profit at all, you should give us a call and guarantee yourself profit.  Why Not?

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