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Towed BMW Junker from Mattapan MA

We recently picked up a BMW 740i from a home in Boston’s Mattapan MA; the owner of the car, was inquiring about our junk car removal services. We told the owner that we pay cash in exchange for old clunkers; we have a recycling yard in Walpole MA.

The owner was very interested in our services, so we scheduled a time that was convenient for the customer; as soon as we scheduled in a time, we drove our tow trucks to Mattapan, where the car would be inspected before towed away to Walpole MA.

During the inspection period, we will look at the quality of the car and its parts, and based on this assessment, we will provide an estimate on how much we are willing to pay for the car. If the owner of the car agrees on the price, we will pay him or her cash, and tow the car to our recycling yard.

This particular customer agreed on the price, so we towed the BMW to Winthrop, after paying him cash.

We recycle all types of cars, from small to midsized, all the way up to vans and trucks. The quality doesn’t matter either, we recycle all vehicles, but quality does effect the price we are willing to pay.

For more information about our junk car removal services, please give ARS Towing & Junk Car Removal a call at 617-719-6436.

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