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Daily Archives: December 29, 2014

How Are Junk Cars Valued?

When we come across a junk car, the way we determine the value of a junker is by: the weight (amount of metal), and the condition of the car; usually the more metal in the body of the clunker, the more it is valued at.

For example, a jeep, since it’s heavy and contains a lot of metal, would be valued higher than, say a sedan, because the sedan is much smaller, lighter, and contains less metal than a jeep.

Another significant factor that goes into the value of your junker is the amount of mileage that accumulated over the years; the more miles you car has, the less value it has.

Also, rusting and dents within the car’s body can decrease the value of your car. If the car is missing certain parts, like the rims, the value will inevitably decrease as well.

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