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Oil Price Effects How Much You Get from Your Junk Car

You can receive more cash for your junk car if the price of oil goes up. In order for the oil industry to carry its product from one point to another needs pipes and tubing. The tubes and pipes are made out of steel.  When the demands for oil rises, the price of the oil rises as well. So as this occurs, the profit rises for oil companies. As oil companies have rising profits, they make more investments in infrastructure which includes steel tubing and pipes.  Recycling steel is more environmentally sustainable and cheaper than mining for new steel.  So remember, when you see the prices of gas going up, you can receive more cash for your junk car. Contact a professional junk car removal company like ARS Towing & Junk Car and get a free quote from us today at 617-719-6436 and get the best value for your vehicle.

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