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Daily Archives: December 13, 2016

5 Questions to Determine If You Should Junk Your Car

Is It Drivable?

If your car is not drivable, then there’s no point in keeping it. If you have been planning on fixing it for quite some time now, you may have to admit that you just are not going to get around to it. If it’s taking up space in the garage or your driveway, why not have it junked and walk away with cash in your pocket?

Do You Use It?

If your car is drivable but yet you never use it, then there’s not much sense in keeping it. If your car just sits in the driveway without any use, you might as well create some more room and put some cash in your pocket.

Is It Too Expensive to Repair?

If your car is too expensive to repair, or past the point of repairing, then it’s time to junk it. If the repairs cost more than your car is worth, or is more expensive than one year of a new car payment, it should be junked.

What Condition Is It In?

If your vehicle’s condition makes it unsafe on the road, you should junk it. Driving a car that is unsafe is a danger to yourself and to others.

Do You Really Need It?

If you don’t use your old vehicle much, or you were planning on buying a new one soon anyways, it’s time to part with it. Leaving a junk car in your garage or driveway is just taking up valuable space. You can have your car towed, and walk away with cash in your pocket to put towards your new car!

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