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Reasons to Scrap a Junk Car

Vehicles were not made to last forever, and when it’s time to invest in a new car, deciding what to do with your old one can be a hard decision. Should I sell it? Should I donate it? Should I junk it? Junking a car is the easiest, most cost effective way to get money for your car!

You should junk your car if it…

junk car

  • No longer runs
  • Needs a lot of repairs
  • Is constantly needing repairs
  • Doesn’t pass inspection
  • Has been sitting in your garage or yard for a long time
  • Is not capable of being used on the road anymore
  • Costs more to repair than it’s worth

So Why Choose Boston Junk Car?

When you give us a call, we will come to your location, inspect your vehicle, pay you cash, and tow your car away. Junking your car yourself requires a lot of time, money, tools and labor. You need to disassemble it and then find places to recycle the scrap metal and valuable parts. Boston Junk Car offers free towing and same day pick up so there is no need for waiting.

Boston Junk Car is not a referral service; we don’t use middlemen to inspect cars to see if the vehicle is worth it before we come out and buy it. Middlemen usually lower the estimate to ensure the towing business can afford to pay for it and still make a profit. Eliminating the middleman will ensure that the seller gets more money for their junk car.

To junk your car, contact Boston Junk Car at (617) 719-6436.

Should I Junk My Car Myself?

old car

Most decisions in life come down to one question, can I do it myself? This question is usually answered with another question; is it worth my time? If your time is more valuable than the task, you will most likely have someone else complete the task for you.

When it comes to junking cars, time is definitely more valuable than the task. When you have an unusable automobile that you need to get rid of, you are faced with the decision of either disposing of the vehicle yourself, or having someone haul it away for you.

When you dispose of your car yourself, it requires time, energy, tools, and labor. In order to dispose parts of a car, you need to disassemble it, find an outlet to recycle the scrap metal, find an outlet for any valuable parts, and store the inventory throughout the entire process.

By having someone else junk your car for you, you save both time and money. With ARS Towing, we offer same day service and pay you cash for your junk car! Your only investment is just a short phone call!

Our Easy 3-Step Process:

  1. Call us at 617-719-6436
  2. Set up a time to have your car picked up. We do same day pick-ups!
  3. A technician will inspect your car, hand you cash, and tow it away!

Easy Junk Car Removal

junk car in woodsMany people let their junk cars sit in their yard or garage because they have the idea in their head that junking a car is a hassle. At ARS Towing, we make junking cars easy, and we purchase and remove junk cars from clients all over the Boston, MA area. You can turn your junk car into cash in just five easy steps! And you don’t even have to leave your house!

  1. Call us at (617) 719-6436 and request a free quote and pick-up.
  2. Set up a time to have your car picked up. We do same day pick-ups!
  3. A technician will come out to your location and inspect your car. (cars are valued by make, model, year, and condition).
  4. We pay you in cash! And give you a receipt showing you have sold your car.
  5. Our tow trucks will pick up junk cars from your location and bring them back to our junk yard.

If you have a junk car that you are no longer in need of, contact ARS Towing for a free quote today!

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