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What Should I Do Before I Junk My Car?

The junk car removal process can happen very quickly. Before your car gets towed off to the junkyard, there are a few things you will want to remember to do.

Have Your Car Title Ready 

The most important item you need in order to give your car over to a junkyard, is a valid car title. The title of a vehicle is a legal form, showing legal ownership of the vehicle. You must transfer ownership of the car to the junkyard before they haul it away. If you don’t have a title for your car or have lost it, you can fill out a “replace car title” form at your nearest DMV.

Remove Personal Items

Without knowing it, your car has probably accumulated a lot of your belongings over time. Before junking your car, make sure to check all of the compartments of your car; including side pocket doors, the glovebox, the center console, the trunk, sunglasses holders, and any other compartments your car may have.

Remove License Plates

Before having your car towed off to a junk yard, be sure to remove your license plates. If you are purchasing a new car, you can still use these license plates as long as you register them for your new car. You can also return them to your nearest DMV!

Call Your Insurance Provider

You don’t want to be paying for car insurance for a car that you no longer own; so be sure to call your insurance company to cancel!

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