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What Classifies a Car as a Lemon?

lemon car

A “lemon” is a pre-owned vehicle that has problems, but is misrepresented to the buyer so they end up paying more than they should for the car. A lemon car usually has a defect which prevents it from being safe to drive. It could be anything from faulty brakes, to a broken transmission, to a dead engine. Issues that do not hinder the safeness, such as a broken A/C or loose door handles do not classify the car as a lemon.

The Lemon law is a law that helps protect buyers from being stuck with a broken car. Even though this law is different in every state, the general law states that a buyer must be reimbursed by the seller for their faulty vehicle after repeated, unsuccessful attempts to fix the problem. Taking care of a lemon law issue in court can take a great deal of time, so it’s better to avoid this problem all together. Getting the car history report and having the vehicle checked by a mechanic are must haves before purchasing a used car. You can also take the vehicle’s identification number to a dealer that services that make and have them run it through their computer database. This will help prevent you from making a “sour” deal.

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