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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Reasons Your Car May Be Overheating

car overheating

Cars can be very complicated pieces of equipment. Cars are made up of thousands of parts that all need to be fully working in order for the car to function properly. Because there are so many different parts of a car, it is likely that problems will occur. Since engines are put under such pressure and run on high temperatures, there is a chance that it will overheat and cause more issues. Here are some reasons that your car may start to overheat and some solutions for how you can avoid these problems in the future. If you’re looking to junk your car because it is causing too many problems, contact Boston Junk Car and we’ll be happy to assist everyone throughout the Greater Boston area. 

Water Pump Failure 

Water pumps are extremely important because they are what helps the car fight the hot temperatures that the engine produces. Water pumps are located behind the radiator and work to create a force that takes cool air from your radiator to your engine. Making sure your water pump is working properly is essential because, without it, your car is more likely to overheat.

Broken Thermostat

Thermostats in cars are very small yet extremely important for the functioning of your vehicle. The thermostats are another part of the cooling system. They work to release coolant from the radiator once the engine reaches an extreme temperature. Make sure your thermostat is working or else your car will overheat quickly. Thermostats are easy to replace and are also very cheap. However, if it stops working before you can replace it, it will cause a lot of expensive damage to your car.

Broken or Cracked Radiator 

As stated above, the radiator in your vehicle is what holds the coolant that gets moved through the engine to keep the temperature normal. If your radiator is not working it simply will not deliver the coolant to the engine, which would obviously cause problems. To prevent your radiator from breaking it is recommended to flush it with water once a year.

If the radiator becomes cracked, it will start to leak. If your radiator begins to leak it won’t continue to function properly and the engine will likely overheat. If there are small cracks you could possibly patch them up with special liquid, however, if the cracks are bigger you will need a new radiator.

Broken Radiator Hose

The radiator hose is what brings the coolant from the radiator to the engine. If the radiator hose gets backed up with too much pressure, the hose will burst open. This would cause the coolant to spill out and your engine to reach temperatures that it shouldn’t. Radiator hoses that break are not able to be fixed so you will have to buy a new one.

Get Cash for Your Car

If your car continues to overheat and more and more damage comes to your car, you may have to junk it and get a new car. Luckily, Boston Junk Car will take your car in exchange for cash! We offer free towing and same-day pick-up throughout the Greater Boston area. Contact us today to get an estimate for what your car is worth to us!

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