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My Car Has Electric Damage, is it Time to Junk it?

electrical junk car

You’ve figured out that the problem with your car is caused by electrical damage. Now what? A car with a malfunctioning electrical system is not always causing alarm, but it’s a problem that you should tackle immediately. It’s crucial to determine the source of the electrical issues to keep you safe on the road and prevent a bad situation from getting worse and costly.  If the electrical problem is significant, you have good reason to be worried. The big question is, ‘If your car has electrical damage, is it time to junk it?’ Let’s look at the matter in more detail. 

When the Worry isn’t Worth It

There are instances when an electrical problem is no big deal. For example, if your turn signal is missing, the culprit could be a blown fuse that costs less than $20. Another source of the electrical problem could be a dead battery that prevents the car’s engine from turning over. This is a simple fix often requiring a jump start or a replacement. If the comfort features of your car are the things that are affected, then your car’s electrical problem may not be too worrying. However, if your car isn’t driving, safety features malfunctioning or the vehicle is unreliable, see a mechanic at your earliest convenience. 

Costly Problems

An electrical problem that compromises the safety of your car is not only an expensive problem but one that needs immediate attention. Older cars with less tech will have cheaper electrical repair costs than more modern cars with more technological features, which tend to have more complicated fixes for electrical issues. Diagnosis of the electrical problem with your car will cost you, plus the problem that needs fixing, all of which can add up to be quite costly. While a diagnosis can run between $100 and $200, an issue such as a bad starter can set you back up to $1,000. The thing to consider is whether or not the repairs are worth the cost, or if it’s better to junk the car and get a new one. 

Don’t Bother Fixing

Unfortunately, your car’s electrical problem could be significant. It may be that your car is now a hazard because of the electrical problem. The last thing that you want is for your car to be a danger to you and other motorists. If repairs are not an option, nor is selling the car because the electrical problem is too great, it’s time to junk that car. 

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5 Reasons to Recycle Junk Cars

recycled car

Who says that you have to fill up a landfill with an old and unwanted car? It is time for you to look for a reputable and responsible company that can help you recycle your junk car. 

There is a long list of potential individual and environmental benefits that come with recycling junk cars. However, it is vital to determine the level of competence in the junk car recycling company that you pick. One name right off the bat for your junk car recycling need is Boston Junk Car!

5 Reasons for Recycling Junk Cars

  • Selling the Old Car

Can you imagine someone buying an old scrappy piece of “metal” that you call an “old car”? Right? Won’t it be an audacious task to find a buyer for your “ancient” vehicle?

Therefore, you can avoid wasting any energy finding a buyer for your unwanted car. Instead, sell and ease-up the junk volume in your house storage.

  • Small Profit

Imagine wasting away a huge chunk of metal into a landfill. And now, imagine earning some cash via selling your old car to a junk car recycler, such as Boston Junk Car. Sounds great, right? This is the case with recycling your junk car at a reputable recycling company. Of course, the value of your junk car may not be too high. Considering its age, model, condition, etc.

  • Recyclable Material

Recyclable material in an old car refers to a lot of components. Such as seats, foams, tires, lights, frames, chassis, etc. But most importantly, the metal that comes from junk cars forms the highest recyclable value. This is due to certain reasons:

  • It is not easy to make steel and extract metals from the earth
  • The cost of metal industries reduce
  • the pollution via steel production and metal extraction does not increase
  • steel manufacturers gain advantages via the purchase of your junk car’s metal
  • Fewer Problems on the Roads

The effect of recycling junk cars can be tremendous for the environment. Envision a scenario where everyone aims to recycle their stuff, which is a really ethical act. Then, there will be less waste. Less running traffic, especially old cars, implies the emission of fewer greenhouse gases and less congestion on the road.

  • Other Uses

There is another benefit to recycling a junk car. The tires make up the road tar that can help in constructing new or reconstructing the existing roads. Besides, isn’t there supposed to be better road conditions when inefficient and junk cars go away?

Contact Boston Junk Car

In order to get the best cash, on the spot, for your old junk car, contact Boston Junk Car. Visit our website for more information. Or give us a call right away at 617-719-6436 for specific information regarding our services. We provide recycling services at adequate costs while we work in the most environmental-friendly way.

Winter Car Maintenance Tips 

winter car maintenance

Winter weather is harsh on homes, cars, and people. The colder temperatures combined with snow and ice make for potentially dangerous conditions. If your car isn’t properly maintained, winter weather could leave you stranded on the side of the road, sliding into a car accident, or unable to start the vehicle at all. Winter car maintenance should become a yearly habit to prevent these issues and ensure you have safe travels all year long! 

Invest in Winter Tires

Winter tires are designed to provide additional traction under cold, snowy, and icy conditions. While summer tires may be able to handle rain, they won’t stand up under winter weather at high speeds. Winter tires are a worth-while investment that could potentially save your life. If you purchase new winter tires and have them mounted each winter, they will last for quite some time. All-season tires may be acceptable depending on your location too. All-season tires provide more traction than summer tires, but not quite as much as winter tires. 

Schedule Routine Service

Keeping your car in good working condition should be a priority all year round. When winter is approaching, schedule your car for any routine maintenance that it needs. If you’re unsure what needs to be done, visit a mechanic for an inspection. Things like an oil change, brake work, and rotating your tires are all essential to the operation of your vehicle. 

Clean the Wipers and Windshield

Wipe your windshield wipers and clean your windshield both inside and out. If your wipers aren’t performing well anymore or are damaged, replace them ASAP. Look for small cracks in the windshield while you’re cleaning. A hairline crack can turn into a spiderweb effect across the entire windshield under colder conditions and moisture. 

Look for Loose Parts

Snowdrifts and ice can catch loose pieces on the undercarriage of your car and potentially pull them off or further damage them. This can cause problems ranging from a loud muffler to brakes not working correctly. Check under your car for signs of loose or dangling parts. If you find any, take your car to a mechanic right away. Duct tape or zip ties can be used as a temporary fix for some pieces, but it isn’t a substitute for actually getting it fixed. 

Get Cash for Your Car with Boston Junk Car

To get your car in the best condition for winter, practice good routine maintenance throughout the year. If your car is old and cannot be repaired, contact Boston Junk Car! We offer cash for old, junk cars. We’ll also tow your car for free! Check out how it works here, then give us a call at 617-719-6436!

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