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How Can I Sell A Car That Doesn’t Run?

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Are you feeling tiresome after making every effort at your non-running car? Well, it is no surprise that dealing with a car that is no longer functional can be more than troubling. As a matter of fact, it takes up extra junk space and always keeps you on the edge of considering repairs.

However, did you know that you don’t necessarily have to save up for the expensive repairs to make the car functional again? You can avoid repairs that are worth more than the total value of the car. While you search for ways to sell your car that doesn’t run, you’ll find various ways to do so.

Local Auto-Dealers

Local auto dealers are always on the nook of getting their hands on broken, scraped, or totaled cars. They can potentially make successful repairs to make the car functional and better-looking for resale. Hence, they can make profits by turning over the repair costs.

So, try to deal with your local auto dealers and see if they are offering non-running car deals for profitable prices. Beware, old vehicles (unless classics) don’t make candidates for such re-sales.

Scrap and Junkyards

Scarp yards are available throughout so you don’t have to worry about reaching local auto dealers. Scrap yards or junkyards can offer you a suitable price for your car that doesn’t run. They will in turn scrap the appropriate and useful parts of the car along with scraping excess metal for sale. Thus, they will be considering their profit no matter how minor or major. So, avoid keeping hopes of top dollar.

Placing an Ad

One of the first options to go for is placing an ad with a substantially interested audience. Some of such ad placing platforms include eBay, local ads, online advertisements, etc. Moreover, you should prepare yourself for low and moderate offers as the buyers may be in the pursuit of making a profit on their purchase of a non-running car from you.

That is similar to how you want to gain cash over the non-running car itself. When you place an ad, you may receive offers, and then you can transport or get your car towed to the designated location for sale. The deals may not offer substantial dollars to suffice the original value of the car.

Selling Functional Parts (Piecemeal)

Another way to sell your non-running car is to sell the parts yourself. In simple words, you can reach a mechanic and take advice regarding which parts are not under the influence of damage or accidents (if any). Consequently, you may get offers for the working parts of your car. Further, you can also go for scraping your car for metal and essential parts and sell them to junkyards or scrap yards. 

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