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What Causes the Rattling Noise When Accelerating a Car?

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A car should drive smoothly and without excessive noise. It is not normal to hear a rattling noise or feel a rattly vibration while accelerating your vehicle. This occurrence can mean a number of mechanical issues are present, and if not corrected early, has the potential to result in costly repairs.

We explore the most reasons that this occurs, helping drivers evaluate and diagnose what is causing their car’s engine to rattle.  

Engine Mounts

Engine mounts are responsible for keeping the engine secured to the frame of the vehicle. Over time, these rubber and metal mounts can wear out and become damaged. If you notice a rattling when accelerating, especially uphill, you may have a broken motor mount. 

It is critical to get these replaced as soon as possible because the rattling is a result of the engine knocking against other components under the hood. An affordable simple mount replacement can quickly become complete and irreparable destruction. 

Transmission Issues

Your vehicle may rattle when accelerating if the transmission gears aren’t properly lubricated. This can be something as simple as low transmission fluid. If this is the issue it should resolve itself as soon as the fluid is added. If not, there may be a more serious issue to blame. 

Damaged Heat Shield

The heat shield on your car protects parts of your vehicle from the high temperature of the exhaust system. It is susceptible to rust and likely to become damaged from debris on the road due to its location underneath the vehicle. 

Valve Train

The valve train is responsible for controlling the opening of the valves that supply air and fuel to the engine. Rattling can be an indication that the incorrect fuel or motor oil was put into the vehicle, or that a critical issue is to blame. Valvetrain issues are serious and require a professional to evaluate and diagnose what is causing the problem to occur. 

What If I Continue to Drive My Car?

You should never continue to drive a vehicle when you know there may be a serious issue with your motor, transmission, or engine components. Continuing to do so increases the risk that your engine may suffer significant damages.

When To Contact a Professional

Early diagnosis of automotive issues is critical to avoid excessive damages that can result in costly repairs, including total engine failure. Anytime that your vehicle is not operating at its normal capacity you should reach out to a professional automotive repair technician.  

Contact the Automotive Experts

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