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Daily Archives: March 4, 2022

What to Do With A Flooded Car

flooded car


Living in an area with hurricanes is just a part of life for some people. It often accompanies areas that have beautiful weather for much of the year otherwise. Hurricanes come and go and often are more of an annoyance than a dangerous threat. No matter the storm’s severity, though, there will be rain. Rain can add up, and rain can equal flooding depending on the area, the storm, and sometimes bad luck. Flooded cars are a big annoyance and can be a big undertaking for those who have never dealt with one previously. Some basic tips can serve as a reminder or help a first-timer navigate a flooded car. 


The first thing to do is wait for the storm to pass before trying to assess any damage to the car. Once it is safe, head out to the car and try to see how much water got in it. There should be a water line to tell how high the flood level rose. If the flood line is at the engine level, do not start the vehicle; doing so could cause more damage. A flood that reaches engine level may indicate that the car will be unsalvageable. 

Quick Response

If the water line is not near engine level or it is clear the damage is not severe, it is time to take action. The faster the water is removed from the car, the better the result will be. Use a wet-dry vacuum as soon as possible to remove any remaining water. Once visible water is dry, use towels on the floor and seats to soak up any additional water. Towel dry until pressed towels return dry. Opening the car up and using a fan or dehumidifier can help speed up the process and ensure all the moisture is removed.


Contact the insurance agency as soon as the damage to the car has been assessed. An insurance claim can be filed, and depending on coverage, the insurance may pay toward the flood repair. Comprehensive auto insurance will likely pay the vehicle’s value if the car is totaled. It is essential to know what insurance coverage you have ahead of time and be especially aware if you are in an area that may face flooding. The insurance policy will contain what is covered and deductibles for plans in these scenarios.

Junking The Car in Boston

In many cases, victims of car flooding do not have insurance. Sometimes the deductible for the comprehensive plan is much higher than the car’s value. If the vehicle is not worth salvaging, it may be best to junk it. Junking a car that is irreparable or will be unreasonably costly to repair can at least provide some money in a challenging situation. Contact Boston Junk Car to sell your water-damaged vehicle and get the best possible value. At Boston Junk Car we offer free towing and cash in exchange for your junk car. Give us a call today at 617-719-6436!

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