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How to Get the Best Price for Your Junk Car

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If you are looking to junk your car for your cash, it may help to know that every junk vehicle has a value.  Of course not all junk cars are worth the same, but the question is how much is your car worth when it is junking up your yard? Finding the value of your car is simple once we go over some factors that are considered.  Boston Junk Car will also walk you through this process over the phone to give you an idea before picking up your vehicle.  

The Value of Your Car Parts 

Even if your car is not worth you paying for replacement parts to restore its value the parts may still carry value to them.  Whether a company is willing to value the remaining parts of your car as a whole or someone in your area has a similar car looking for parts you can find value for your entire junk car. If your car is not drivable anymore it is important to look into if a removal company will charge you to tow it away.  At Boston Junk Car they will provide towing services for free after paying you cash for your clunker.  

The Condition of Your Automobile

If your car engine still runs then it can be worth more.  Based on how much will be determined by the condition of the rest of your car along with what shape the engine is in.  The engine is an expensive piece of equipment that is involved in a car.  The less work required to do it can add more cash in your hand when you decide to junk your car.  

Current Price of Scrap Metal

The current price of scrap metal can be a factor in the value of your junk car.  Scrap metal pricing will fluctuate throughout time as supply and demand for it changes.  When there is a lot of aluminum available being produced there is high supply and will result in lower prices.  Another deciding factor is the type of metal that your vehicle is made with.  Each car is made with different materials and the heavier sturdy metals are worth more.  

Make and Model of Your Car

Is your car still relatively new? If that is the case then you are in line to get more cash for your car.  Newer model cars are in more demand.  Along with the parts on these cars being newer and easier to sell.  The essential evaluation of selling your car comes down to the make, model, and year of your car.  

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If you are looking to have an old car taken off your hand.  Boston Junk Car has professional tow truck drivers that will come tow your car for free.  If you are interested in getting your car evaluated we offer over the phone estimates.  We will give you cash for your car.  Get started today by giving us a call at 617-719-6436. 

How Do I Transfer Ownership After I Sell My Junk Car?

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Transferring ownership plays a crucial role when you’re selling your junk car for cash. A legal ownership document shows the vehicle’s legal owner, which is why it’s a crucial step you can’t skip. The process can be intimidating without proper knowledge, especially for beginners. 

Transfer Ownership after Selling Your Junk Car

You need to fulfill some requirements when you decide to sell your junk car. In this case, you need to contact reliable and reputable buyers who can help you keep the process simple. 

License Plate

Whenever you decide to sell your junk car, make sure you haven’t left your license plate along with the car. If you plan on buying another vehicle, having that license plate on your hand will be more helpful and budget-friendly.  

You can also turn the license plate to the DMV. However, DMV varies depending on different states. Each state has its regulations; you should contact your local DMV to see their requirements and plans accordingly.  


You need to remember your insurance plan during or after the sale. Assuming you have an active insurance plan, you need to cancel it after you sell your car. Some insurance companies even require a cancellation fee, so be careful of that.

Since you’re giving away your vehicle, it doesn’t make sense to have car insurance. However, depending on the buyer, you can suggest the transferring option. The coverage doesn’t necessarily need to be canceled. If you opt for transfer insurance, it will save cost and time for the buyer. You can suggest this option to the buyer, and they may find this a simple solution. 

Regardless, you need to cancel your insurance if the buyer isn’t on board with this idea. Since you aren’t the car owner, you don’t need to pay monthly insurance for the worst-case scenario. 

Follow up with DMV or BMV

Following up after the sale with your DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) or BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicle) is an essential step that you shouldn’t skip. Their policies and regulations change from state to state, depending on which state you are in and their respective budget. You may need to report a change of ownership to them. 

In many states, there’s a deadline for this step. You should check in with your local DMV or BMV to ensure you adhere to different laws. However, to stay on the safe side, you should finish this report within a day or two.

Reporting the change of ownership also frees you from any liability. You won’t be held accountable if the car gets in an accident either.  

Free Junk Car Towing in Boston

Contact us at Boston Junk Car for more details on how to transfer ownership of your vehicle, and we’ll make sure to streamline the process. We are reliable and professional junk car buyers who guide you through the sale and after. As long as you take care of these steps, we can take care of the rest. 617-719-6436

Ways to Extend the Life of Your Old Car

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You can be proud of how long your car has been serving you. But a part of you may be thinking about how much it has depreciated. It is usual for new things to lose value over time due to consistent use. However, that car can still serve you for many more years if you carefully follow a few maintenance tips. With that, your vehicle can surpass its life expectancy, increasing its value under the current market conditions. 

This post will teach you 5 ways to extend the life of your old car.

5 Ways To Extend The Life of Your Old Car

If you’re interested in keeping your car in its best state, here are a few steps to take:

Understand the Vehicle’s Manual

Every car has a manufacturer manual telling you the dos and don’ts you should remember. Unfortunately, not all vehicle owners read this information-filled booklet. They feel it’s unnecessary since the dealer told them what to do. Suppose you haven’t spared some time to go through the manual. You will be surprised at the things you can learn about your vehicle. A little mistake can be costly, which will gradually reduce car quality.

Adherence to Fluid Maintenance

What aids a car’s movement is fluid, without which it will be challenging to get the ride functioning perfectly. The significant ones are motor oil, transmission fluids, brake oil, radiator coolant, and steering fluids. Not at any point in time should you neglect these fluids. Check them regularly and replace anyone due for a change. If you notice leakages, ensure you meet your technician for repair.

Always opt for High-Quality Parts

You will certainly need to repair your car at one time or the other. When maintenance is needed, using low-quality or adulterated parts should never be an option. If the original ones are expensive, do everything you can to get standard parts. Using counterfeit materials will reduce your vehicle quality rapidly. You might even have to return to the technician sooner than expected.

Limit Your Driving

Understandably, cars’ primary purpose is to take people to their destination at different times irrespective of the daytime. However, it is not economical to hop in your ride for a short journey because it affects the muffler’s life. During winter, when the engine is cold, driving on a short trip will only make condensation in the exhaust damage the muffler. If you need to go to a store nearby, you can walk to get whatever you need.

Replace the Air Filter

You don’t need a technician to get this done. With a screwdriver, you can change your air filter without stress. Go to any spare part store to buy the exact type indicated in the owner’s manual. Remember that you must not settle for less. Dusty filters reduce acceleration and increase fuel consumption. So, inspect and change the air filters when necessary.

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Car maintenance can increase your vehicle functionality. Do not hesitate to take care of your car correctly regardless of age. However, if your car is ready to officially be junked, contact us at  Boston Junk Car! We’ll come and tow your car for free and offer you cash for your junk car! 617-719-6436

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