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Winter Car Maintenance Tips 

winter car maintenance

Winter weather is harsh on homes, cars, and people. The colder temperatures combined with snow and ice make for potentially dangerous conditions. If your car isn’t properly maintained, winter weather could leave you stranded on the side of the road, sliding into a car accident, or unable to start the vehicle at all. Winter car maintenance should become a yearly habit to prevent these issues and ensure you have safe travels all year long! 

Invest in Winter Tires

Winter tires are designed to provide additional traction under cold, snowy, and icy conditions. While summer tires may be able to handle rain, they won’t stand up under winter weather at high speeds. Winter tires are a worth-while investment that could potentially save your life. If you purchase new winter tires and have them mounted each winter, they will last for quite some time. All-season tires may be acceptable depending on your location too. All-season tires provide more traction than summer tires, but not quite as much as winter tires. 

Schedule Routine Service

Keeping your car in good working condition should be a priority all year round. When winter is approaching, schedule your car for any routine maintenance that it needs. If you’re unsure what needs to be done, visit a mechanic for an inspection. Things like an oil change, brake work, and rotating your tires are all essential to the operation of your vehicle. 

Clean the Wipers and Windshield

Wipe your windshield wipers and clean your windshield both inside and out. If your wipers aren’t performing well anymore or are damaged, replace them ASAP. Look for small cracks in the windshield while you’re cleaning. A hairline crack can turn into a spiderweb effect across the entire windshield under colder conditions and moisture. 

Look for Loose Parts

Snowdrifts and ice can catch loose pieces on the undercarriage of your car and potentially pull them off or further damage them. This can cause problems ranging from a loud muffler to brakes not working correctly. Check under your car for signs of loose or dangling parts. If you find any, take your car to a mechanic right away. Duct tape or zip ties can be used as a temporary fix for some pieces, but it isn’t a substitute for actually getting it fixed. 

Get Cash for Your Car with Boston Junk Car

To get your car in the best condition for winter, practice good routine maintenance throughout the year. If your car is old and cannot be repaired, contact Boston Junk Car! We offer cash for old, junk cars. We’ll also tow your car for free! Check out how it works here, then give us a call at 617-719-6436!

Get Cash for Your Old Vehicle That Doesn’t Run Anymore

cash for junk car

Do you have a car that doesn’t run anymore? How old is your car? How long have you been using it? What type of car is it? How much are you willing to sell it? What exactly is the problem with the car? Why are you selling the vehicle? These are the questions usually asked by a potential buyer. 

To get cash for your old vehicle that doesn’t run anymore, here are some steps to take: 

Get an appraisal for the car

How much is your old car worth today? You need to determine the value of your car before attempting to sell it. If you do not have an estimated price, you might end up selling it for less and shortchanging yourself. In getting your old car appraised, you have to answer questions about its make, model, and type. You would also have to consider how long you have been using it. These questions are essential in determining the market, retail and wholesale value of your car. The retail value is the amount a private individual might pay, while the wholesale is the amount a dealer might pay.

Figure Out A Sale Method

Do you wish to sell your old car under a retail or wholesale method? It is essential to know whether you want to sell to an individual, a car dealer, or an auto shop. Selling to a car dealer might earn you less money than a private individual. That is because an auto shop owner has a business to run and has other sources of used or old cars to pick from. Selling to a private auto repairer or person has more benefits. The sooner you decide on whom you want to sell it to, the easier it will be for you to pick a platform for sale.

Clean Up the car

Cleaning is a necessary part of the process. Before you put up the car for sale, check all the compartments and remove any personal items in it. Get the fuel gauge and tire pressures checked, clean the car thoroughly (including the windows), get the papers in order, and do a general but thorough clean up to prepare it for the buyer.

Contact Boston Junk Car

Finally, you don’t have to sell your old car at a ridiculously low price. Use our tips to get a favorable estimate value of your vehicle so you can sell it for a fair price. However, if you would like to invest in more secure routes, or you need professional insights on this topic, contact Boston Junk Car for affordable rates. Give us a call at 617-719-6436 or fill out a contact form.

Should I Buy a New or Used Car?

new or used car

When you want to purchase a car, you need to go through different models, features, and colors before making a decision. However, you also need to decide whether you need to buy a new car or an old one. Below, we will discuss some advantages and disadvantages of buying a new or used car, so you have some valid points to take sides:

Buying a New Car

Buying a new car requires a lot of research and testing. You need to research the car’s models and features before choosing one that fulfills your need. Then, you can go to a dealer who will allow you to take it for a test drive. However, to ensure that you are getting into a good deal, you need to check the reviews and consult with people having the same car. They can guide you better as they have been driving the car for a while.


1.No History

When buying a new car, you do not have to worry about the car’s history. The legal history of the car starts with the registration.

2. Easy Process

Buying a new car is an easy task. You need to contact a dealer and ask if they have the model you require. That dealer will inform and help you complete all the procedure effectively.

3. New Offers

Brands keep on offering deals and discounts on their new models. You can save a lot.

4. Latest Technology

Buying a new car will allow you to access the latest technology.


1. Expensive Option

New cars are expensive than used cars.

2. Find a Dealer

Finding a good dealer can be a challenging task.

3. Pay Taxes

While buying a new car, you need to pay a huge tax to the government.

Buying a Used Car

Even when you opt to purchase a used car, you require extensive knowledge about cars. You have to be sure that different aspects are in working order. This way, you know what you’re paying for. You can also consult with a car expert and take them along to the testing location. The checking process will decide whether the seller is offering a good or bad deal.


1. Less Expensive

Used cars are mostly less expensive as the value of a car can depreciate. Furthermore, the price depends on the condition of the car.

2. Depreciation Hit

You do not have to bear the depreciation hit. You will pay the car’s remaining value. The seller will handle the depreciation cost.

3. Better Options

Manufacturers only offer limited options for new cars. You cannot buy the old model that you have always wanted since college. Looking for a used car might allow you to purchase that dream car.

4. Analyzing Problems

The seller you’re purchasing from will allow you to check every important detail and feature of the car. You get peace of mind that you’re paying for great quality.


1. Discarded Vehicle

No matter what the car’s condition is, you will be using a car that someone else is discarding. Some people won’t like this feeling.

2. Unknown History

You do not know the background or history of the car. This can be dangerous.

3. No Warranty

The owner of the car will not give you any warranty. You will take it home after testing, but once you commit to the owner, you buy whatever they’re giving. Hence, make sure to check the car carefully.


Ultimately, your personal preferences will determine if you purchase a new or used car. For instance, if your main concern is the budget, you cannot compromise on quality. On the other hand, if you prioritize luxury, you will incline towards the latest, newer models. Nevertheless, buying a car, whether used or new, can be a daunting task that requires extensive research on your part. If you’re looking to trade in your junk car for cash, contact Boston Junk Car in Boston today! Give us a call at 617-719-6436 or fill out a contact form.

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