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Why Choose Boston Junk Car to Remove Your Junk Car?

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As we all know, cars don’t last forever. Over time, all the different parts of the car stop working together and they become irreparable. However, while the car may stop functioning, you can still get something out of it. Cash! 

Boston Junk Car can get you fast cash based on the condition of your junk and beat up car. You also won’t have to worry about getting your junk car to us because our team will come to you! Our goal is to do everything we can to make it more convenient for you, our customers. Boston Junk Car can give you the most profitable deals for your old, damaged, and junk vehicles. 

Need more reasons to choose Boston Junk Car to scrap your old vehicle? Keep reading for more information!

Why Choose Boston Junk Car?

We buy cars for cash in northern Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts. So if you’re located in any of these areas, we’ll happily come to you to pick up your junk and damaged car! Here are some more reasons to choose us. 

Experienced Team

As mentioned above, you won’t need to spend the money to hire a tow truck to get your junk car to us because we’ll come to you! We also don’t charge you for our towing services. We’ll show up and tow your car for free! Our team has years of experience towing old vehicles. Since we’ve been doing this for so long we know how to get the job done fast and efficiently. 

We Give Fair Quotes

We will offer you the best quote possible based on the condition of your vehicle. We have had many customers choose us over other junk car removal companies because we offer the best and most fair quotes! 

Organized and Hassle-Free Procedure

It’s pretty risky to sell your junk car on an online platform. It can be time-consuming as well as unfair. Not every junk car buyers are genuine which could lead to you getting an unfair quote that could lose you a ton of money. With Boston Junk Car we will get the deal done in person so that we can observe your car and offer you the best deal! 

We Buy Any Type of Car

No matter what type of old junk car you have, we will buy it. It can be a minivan, truck, SUV, you name it! We never say no to any type of model, car parts are still car parts! 

Same-day Payment

Don’t worry, the day we visit you to tow your junk car is the day you’ll get your cash! We like to keep our process quick and easy so we make sure to get everything done in one swoop. We’ll show up, observe your junk vehicle, give you a quote based on our findings, and if you accept the deal we’ll hand you cash right away! 

Contact Boston Junk Car 

Contact us by giving us a call at 617-719-6436 or by filling out a contact form! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to set up an appointment. For more information about junk cars, visit our blog page!

Do Hot Temperatures Kill Car Batteries? 

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Sometimes cars refuse to start and the first thing we blame is our car’s battery. Batteries are essential to vehicles as they help start the vehicle and help operate it smoothly. We all know cold weather can drain/kill the battery, but what about heat? Heat is actually worse for car batteries than the cold is! In colder weather, car batteries are said to live around 51 months but in hot weather, they are only predicted to live 30 months. 

How Does Heat Effect Car Batteries?

Extreme heat has been found to cut the lifespan of car batteries. This is because hot temperatures cause the fluids in the battery to reduce faster which damages the battery’s internal structure, weakening its charge. Hot temperatures also lead to the car’s charging system to work differently which often overcharges the battery.

Signs your car battery is dying

The first and easiest way to tell if your car’s battery is dying is when the car has trouble starting. If the battery light turns on and you feel that the engine is a little harder to start, the battery most likely needs to be looked at.

A few other signs of your car battery dying include low fluid levels, dim headlight or interior lights,  swollen battery case, and if the battery is more than 3 years old. If you see any of these signs have the battery charged or replaced as soon as possible.

Can you prevent your battery from dying due to heat?

While it is impossible to control the hot temperatures, here are a few things you can do to make sure the heat doesn’t kill your car’s battery. 

  • Park your car in the shade or in a garage to keep it out of the sun. 
  • Longer drives give the battery more time to recharge. Avoid short drives as often as possible since they don’t give the battery much time to recharge. 
  • Make sure all the lights in and outside your car are off when you park the car. 
  • Clean the battery regularly with a cloth or paper towel. If the battery has too much dirt or grease on it can cause the battery to drain. 
  • Get the battery inspected regularly to ensure that it is working correctly. 

Contact Boston Junk Car

So, heat does indeed take a toll on car battery life. It’s important to maintain your car battery’s health so that your battery never dies on you in an unfortunate situation. If you are located in Southern Mass. or Northern Rhode Island and want an easy cash offer for your old, damaged, unwanted vehicle, contact Boston Junk Car! We purchase junk, beat-up cars and give you cash based on what we think the vehicle is worth. Give us a call at 617-719-6436 or fill out a contact form on our website!

Should I Repair or Replace My Beat Up Car?


People often come across the tough decision of whether it’s worth it for them to replace their car or get it fixed after damage has been done. Since everyone’s situation is different we want to uncover what’s more important whether it’s repairing the car or getting rid of it. Here are some things to think about to help you make your decision. 

Repair or Replace?

The price to repair a car is often a lot more than one would think. Costs can add up quickly even if the damage isn’t absolutely terrible. If the repairs of your car are more than the value of the car, your best bet is to replace the car. Figure out how much your car is worth and compare that to the cost of repairing the car before making your final decision. 

Do the Math 

If you have to pay say $3,500 to fix your car and your car is only worth about $7,000 you should see if those repairs will even increase the value of your car. If those repairs will not increase the value of your car then you probably shouldn’t waste the money repairing your vehicle and instead, just use that money to purchase a new and better car. Once you figure out what your car is worth it will help you make the decision of what makes more sense, selling it or repairing it. 

Selling Your Car When It’s Not Worth Repairing

Selling your car to car dealerships, car junkyards or scrapyards, an online car buyer, or a private sale can usually net you more than repairing your car. 

Car Junkyards

Car junkyards such as Boston Junk Car will pay cash for the scrap metal and parts of your car. The pricing will differ based on what kind of parts are reusable as well as the model of the car itself. This is always a great option as it is quick, easy, and you usually receive cash for the parts right on the spot! Boston Junk Car also offers free towing so you won’t have to pay for any other costs. 

If you’re in the Greater Boston area and want cash for your old, junk car, contact Boston Junk Car at 617-719-6436 or fill out a form on our website. As mentioned above we offer free towing and do same day pick-ups so you don’t have to wait around!

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