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Junk Car Removal in Dorchester MA

We just recently paid cash and towed away a 2001 GMC Savannah from a gentleman living in Bosotn’s Dorchester MA.

The gentleman filled out a contact form on our website, and provided us with some great details regarding his car, and his location; he gave us the year and make of the car, the condition of it, where he was located, and his contact information. He said that the windshield was cracked, the brakes were shaky and that the rear tire was flat.

Based on the information he provided us in the contact form, we were able to come up with a ballpark estimate pretty quickly and since we had his contact information we were able to contact him right away. We called him and gave him a ballpark estimate on how much we were willing to pay for his car.

He agreed with the ballpark estimate, and he scheduled a time where we could inspect the truck ourselves, come up with a price, pay him cash and tow the car to our junk yard in Walpole MA.

We arrived in Dorchester with our tow truck with cash in our hands; we inspected the car, we ended up paying a little more than the ballpark estimate, he agreed with the price, we handed with the cash and hooked his truck up to our tow truck and we were on our way!

Getting rid of your junk car is literally just a quick contact form or phone call away! We will help you get rid of your car, as well as pay you cash! For more information, please feel free to give ARS Towing & Junk Car Removal a call at 617-719-6436.

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