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What Is Your Scrap Car’s Value?

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If your car is not performing like it used to, not as reliable or good-looking anymore, maybe it’s time to get rid of it. But don’t rush into making a quick decision and closing a fast buy. No matter the condition of your scrap car, truck, SUV or van, you need to clearly understand its value to get the best price. Here are the factors you should be considering:


Driveable vs Non-Drivable Car

Clearly, a driveable car is worth more than a completely broken down one. Usually, other scrap car salvage companies will also charge for towing of a non-drivable car, but not us – Boston Junk Car will tow your car in any condition absolutely for free!


Time Sensitivity

For some junk cars, seasonality can affect the cost. For example, scrap 4X4 and SUV cars rise in price during the colder months or when the weather is bad. There’s another variable for large cars: you can get more money for a junk car when gas prices go down. Evidently, convertibles have higher value during spring and summer months. Keep in mind that no matter how New England weather treats your car, you can always drive up or down the coast where you might get a better deal. At the same time, clearly, time devalues your car every day, especially if it’s not in a driving condition. Different parts of the car are more likely to deteriorate when the junk car isn’t in use. So it is a time-sensitive issue!


Auto Salvage vs Scrap Metal

ARS Car Towing & Boston Junk Car will give you more cash for your junk car than any scrap metal service. In addition, we don’t just tow and compress the scrap metal carcass of your car, we dispose of all the other materials and fluids in an ecologically-friendly way! If you still have parts in your car that are functional, you will receive more cash for them. The alternator, starter motor, new tires, and your onboard GPS system are all worth something.


Sell your Junk Car to Us!

If you no longer need your old vehicle, sell it to Boston Junk Car! We will buy any kind of vehicle from cars and trucks to vans and SUVs, in any condition, year or model. ARS Towing & Boston Junk Car will provide you with a free estimate, free towing and the fairest price for your junk car! Contact us today by filling out our convenient form or call 617-719-6436!

How Are Junk Cars Valued?

When we come across a junk car, the way we determine the value of a junker is by: the weight (amount of metal), and the condition of the car; usually the more metal in the body of the clunker, the more it is valued at.

For example, a jeep, since it’s heavy and contains a lot of metal, would be valued higher than, say a sedan, because the sedan is much smaller, lighter, and contains less metal than a jeep.

Another significant factor that goes into the value of your junker is the amount of mileage that accumulated over the years; the more miles you car has, the less value it has.

Also, rusting and dents within the car’s body can decrease the value of your car. If the car is missing certain parts, like the rims, the value will inevitably decrease as well.

For more information regarding how we value each junk car we inspect, please feel free to give ARS Towing & Junk Car Removal a call at 617-719-6436.

To get started feel free to give us a call, or fill out our contact form, for a ballpark estimate, and to schedule a time for us to inspect/tow your car! We serve all of Massachusetts as well as Rhode Island.

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