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What Should I Look For In A Junk Car Removal Company?

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Every good thing finds its end at some point, and after your beloved car has done its work well, you realize that it’s time to let it go. There comes a point when it’s not worth pouring money into a car that just cannot be fixed. Now, what do you do with the piece of junk? Perhaps you can earn a bit of cash from it. But where will you find the right junk car removal company? When searching for such a company, you must keep certain factors in mind if you want to end up doing business with one that is reputable. Here are some helpful tips that you can consider when trying to find the ideal junk car removal company. 

Stick With a Local Junk Car Company

Check your immediate region for a local company that deals in junk cars. Dealing with a local junk car company will save you a lot of time and money. What’s the point of spending quality time answering questions related to a quote and at the end of it all, the person on the other end of the line tells you that their service doesn’t cover your area. Sticking with a local junk car company will likely earn you the most for your junk car because a lower transportation cost can help you pull a better offer.  

Ensure Cash Offered Matches The Quote

When a junk car removal company gives you a quote over the phone, when you show up at their place of business, you should receive the exact amount that was shared in the call. Not all junk car removal companies are honest and it’s common for some unscrupulous junk car buyers to try and pull a fast one and offer you a lower amount when it’s pick time, different from the quote. Ensure that you get the entire amount of cash that was offered in the quote. You cannot be forced to accept and offer in cash to which you didn’t agree. Just so you know, You are not liable for any charges and they cannot force you to accept an offer that you did not agree to.

Tow is Free And No Hidden Fees

The junk car removal company that you choose should offer to haul away your old car free of cost.  There should be no deductions from the cash offered for the junk car to cover junk service. If you are working with a reputable junk car removal company, you won’t come across these kinds of surprise charges, so beware of any company that charges for towing. At the very least inquire beforehand if tow will cost you. 

Don’t Accept Check Payment

It is common practice for most reputable junk car removal companies to make payments in cash when they pick up the vehicle. Do not make the mistake of accepting any other form of payment no matter the reason being given. If you are dealing with some unscrupulous dealer, you may be left with a bounced check. Your junk car may not be worth a lot, but you don’t want it to be taken away without you getting little that it’s worth. 

Transfer All Liabilities to the Junk Car Removal Company

Before getting paid and the driver takes off be sure to transfer all liabilities to the junk car removal company. You must have the dealer sign and fill out the vehicle registration. However, if the vehicle’s registration is not available, ensure that a bill of sale is secured as proof of the vehicle’s sale at the time of the transaction.

Cash For Junk Cars with Boston Junk Car

At Boston Junk Car, we are ready to assist you with your junk car removal needs. We are here to answer your questions and provide you with the most reliable service. Give us a call and learn more about the junk car removal process and how we can help you. 617-719-6436

My Car Has Electric Damage, is it Time to Junk it?

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You’ve figured out that the problem with your car is caused by electrical damage. Now what? A car with a malfunctioning electrical system is not always causing alarm, but it’s a problem that you should tackle immediately. It’s crucial to determine the source of the electrical issues to keep you safe on the road and prevent a bad situation from getting worse and costly.  If the electrical problem is significant, you have good reason to be worried. The big question is, ‘If your car has electrical damage, is it time to junk it?’ Let’s look at the matter in more detail. 

When the Worry isn’t Worth It

There are instances when an electrical problem is no big deal. For example, if your turn signal is missing, the culprit could be a blown fuse that costs less than $20. Another source of the electrical problem could be a dead battery that prevents the car’s engine from turning over. This is a simple fix often requiring a jump start or a replacement. If the comfort features of your car are the things that are affected, then your car’s electrical problem may not be too worrying. However, if your car isn’t driving, safety features malfunctioning or the vehicle is unreliable, see a mechanic at your earliest convenience. 

Costly Problems

An electrical problem that compromises the safety of your car is not only an expensive problem but one that needs immediate attention. Older cars with less tech will have cheaper electrical repair costs than more modern cars with more technological features, which tend to have more complicated fixes for electrical issues. Diagnosis of the electrical problem with your car will cost you, plus the problem that needs fixing, all of which can add up to be quite costly. While a diagnosis can run between $100 and $200, an issue such as a bad starter can set you back up to $1,000. The thing to consider is whether or not the repairs are worth the cost, or if it’s better to junk the car and get a new one. 

Don’t Bother Fixing

Unfortunately, your car’s electrical problem could be significant. It may be that your car is now a hazard because of the electrical problem. The last thing that you want is for your car to be a danger to you and other motorists. If repairs are not an option, nor is selling the car because the electrical problem is too great, it’s time to junk that car. 

Contact Boston Junk Car

If you are looking to get rid of your junk car, Boston Junk Car is just a call away. We make junking your old ride a breeze. We offer quality service and our dependable staff can answer all your questions concerning junking your car. Say goodbye to electrical woes and your junky car. Give us a call at 617-719-6436 or fill out a contact form


5 Reasons to Recycle Junk Cars

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Who says that you have to fill up a landfill with an old and unwanted car? It is time for you to look for a reputable and responsible company that can help you recycle your junk car. 

There is a long list of potential individual and environmental benefits that come with recycling junk cars. However, it is vital to determine the level of competence in the junk car recycling company that you pick. One name right off the bat for your junk car recycling need is Boston Junk Car!

5 Reasons for Recycling Junk Cars

  • Selling the Old Car

Can you imagine someone buying an old scrappy piece of “metal” that you call an “old car”? Right? Won’t it be an audacious task to find a buyer for your “ancient” vehicle?

Therefore, you can avoid wasting any energy finding a buyer for your unwanted car. Instead, sell and ease-up the junk volume in your house storage.

  • Small Profit

Imagine wasting away a huge chunk of metal into a landfill. And now, imagine earning some cash via selling your old car to a junk car recycler, such as Boston Junk Car. Sounds great, right? This is the case with recycling your junk car at a reputable recycling company. Of course, the value of your junk car may not be too high. Considering its age, model, condition, etc.

  • Recyclable Material

Recyclable material in an old car refers to a lot of components. Such as seats, foams, tires, lights, frames, chassis, etc. But most importantly, the metal that comes from junk cars forms the highest recyclable value. This is due to certain reasons:

  • It is not easy to make steel and extract metals from the earth
  • The cost of metal industries reduce
  • the pollution via steel production and metal extraction does not increase
  • steel manufacturers gain advantages via the purchase of your junk car’s metal
  • Fewer Problems on the Roads

The effect of recycling junk cars can be tremendous for the environment. Envision a scenario where everyone aims to recycle their stuff, which is a really ethical act. Then, there will be less waste. Less running traffic, especially old cars, implies the emission of fewer greenhouse gases and less congestion on the road.

  • Other Uses

There is another benefit to recycling a junk car. The tires make up the road tar that can help in constructing new or reconstructing the existing roads. Besides, isn’t there supposed to be better road conditions when inefficient and junk cars go away?

Contact Boston Junk Car

In order to get the best cash, on the spot, for your old junk car, contact Boston Junk Car. Visit our website for more information. Or give us a call right away at 617-719-6436 for specific information regarding our services. We provide recycling services at adequate costs while we work in the most environmental-friendly way.

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