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Should I Repair or Replace My Beat Up Car?


People often come across the tough decision of whether it’s worth it for them to replace their car or get it fixed after damage has been done. Since everyone’s situation is different we want to uncover what’s more important whether it’s repairing the car or getting rid of it. Here are some things to think about to help you make your decision. 

Repair or Replace?

The price to repair a car is often a lot more than one would think. Costs can add up quickly even if the damage isn’t absolutely terrible. If the repairs of your car are more than the value of the car, your best bet is to replace the car. Figure out how much your car is worth and compare that to the cost of repairing the car before making your final decision. 

Do the Math 

If you have to pay $4,000 to fix your car and your car is only worth $8,000 it is recommended to find out if those repairs will up the value of the car once they are complete. Ask yourself if the amount you are about to pay to get your car fixed is an amount that you can use to get yourself a new and better car. Once you have a better idea of what your car is worth, you can decide if it makes more sense to sell or repair it. 

Selling Your Car When It’s Not Worth Repairing

Selling your car to car dealerships, car junkyards or scrapyards, an online car buyer, or a private sale can usually net you more than repairing your car. 

Car Junkyards

Car junkyards such as Boston Junk Car will pay cash for the scrap metal and parts of your car. The pricing will differ based on what kind of parts are reusable as well as the model of the car itself. This is always a great option as it is quick, easy, and you usually receive cash for the parts right on the spot! Boston Junk Car also offers free towing so you won’t have to pay for any other costs. 

If you’re in the Greater Boston area and want cash for your old, junk car, contact Boston Junk Car at 617-719-6436 or fill out a form on our website. As mentioned above we offer free towing and do same day pick-ups so you don’t have to wait around!

Summer Car Maintenance 

car care


It’s important to take care of your car during the hot summer temperatures to ensure it stays working properly. Here are 6 car care tips to make sure your vehicle stays running smoothly this summer. 

Change your oil and oil filter

The first step to making sure your car runs smoothly in the hot summer months is to change your oil and oil filter. A dirty oil filter can cause problems to your vehicle because there may be too much built-up debris in the filter. While you may be getting your oil changed regularly it’s recommended to get it changed right at the start of summer. This is because the hot temperatures require more work for some of the car parts. 

Check vehicle fluids

Fluids are what help make your car run properly. There are fluids in your transmission, steering, windshield wipers, and coolant system. It’s recommended to get these checked before the start of summer to ensure your car stays running well and you do not end up breaking down in the hot weather. Having the right amount of coolant fluid is the most important to ensure your car does not overheat. 

Check car tire pressure

Most cars have a light that says if your tire pressure is low. Low tire pressure is not ideal because it forces your car to have to work harder. Always make sure your tires are fully inflated to avoid any tire problems. Always keep a spare tire in your vehicle too!

Test the battery

Heat is the main cause for why car batteries fail or do not last very long. Since hot weather can cause a loss of fluid in your car, this can then lead to a dead car battery. Before the hotter months arrive, get a battery test at your local auto shop. Auto shops usually offer free battery testing!  

Inspect the brakes

It’s pretty obvious why it’s so important to make sure your brakes work properly. If your car brakes are making squeaking or grinding noises or you’re needing to push harder to stop the car make sure to go get them checked! 

Contact Boston Junk Car

Following these car care tips before the weather gets too hot will ensure your car will stay working properly throughout the summer months. If your car is old and no longer functioning, consider trading your junk car in for cash! Boston Junk Car buys old car parts! We offer free towing and can pick up your car wherever it’s convenient for you! Contact us today at 617-719-6436 or fill out a contact form!

How Junk Cars Are Recycled

crushing recycled cars


Back in the day, we didn’t have the resources we have now that allows us to recycle and reuse junk cars. Junkyards would be piled high with junk cars and they would just sit there taking up space. Over the years people have been able to come up with ways to recycle cars that are no longer functioning. Nowadays, about 80% of cars can be recycled and reused and here’s how it works. 


First, it’s important to remove the engine and car fluids. If all the car fluids are not removed they can end up damaging the environment. The car fluids you need to make sure you remove include gasoline, oil, brake fluid, coolant, and some others. Depolluting the car will not only save the environment from these liquids but it will also make junk cars safer to recycle. 

Dismantle the Car 

The next step is to dismantle the vehicle to find all the parts that are able to be recycled. You may not realize but cars have many different parts that can be recycled. You can recycle the engine, the stereo, the seats, the metal outside parts, and more! It’s important to pay close attention as you dismantle the car so that you don’t miss any parts that can potentially be recycled. 

Crush and Shred the Car

Once you have taken out all of the parts that can be recycled, the car is then crushed. Crushing the car helps it condense even more so that when the car goes through the shredder it can be more easily broken down. The shredder breaks down the car into very small pieces. 

Mix the Metals

Before sending your metal parts to manufacturers it is important to combine the scrap metal and other metals so that you can make the metals stronger. Stronger metals can then be reused to make new and strong car frames. 

Send to Manufacturers

Lastly, you’ll send the metal to manufacturers. Manufacturers will use this metal to make new car frames. This allows the manufacturers to spend less money since they are using recycled materials and not making brand new car parts. 

Contact Boston Junk Car 

Recycling junk cars help the environment by getting rid of hazardous materials properly. If you’re looking to get rid of and recycle your junk car, contact Boston Junk Car! We offer cash for all cars and make sure you’re getting the exact amount that your car is worth. If you have any questions you can visit our FAQ page or give us a call!

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