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Selling Your Junk Car This Winter

Have a junk car that’s taking up your driveway or garage? If you are trying to get rid of your old junk car this winter, come to Boston Junk Car to get the fairest quotes on your vehicle and get same day pickup with our free towing service! With Boston Junk Car, we serve the Greater Boston Area and make sure the process of selling your junk car to us is simple and easy.

After we receive a call from you about removing your junk car, we give you a free quote, then we set up a time and date to get your vehicle picked up. Lastly, we pay you in cash and give you a receipt indicating that you have sold your vehicle and are no longer responsible for the expenses associated with vehicle ownership! Our junk car removal company will take care of all the handling to remove your old vehicle from your property and pay you in cash. We then take your old junk car and sell it to a junk-yard. This allows our customers to receive money up front for their old car but also helps them save the environment by recycling their old junk cars with us.

Declutter your home this week and call ARS Towing & Junk Car  at 617-719-6436 to remove your old junk car and get extra money to spend on that special someone this Valentine’s Day!

Towing Services in MA & RI

We are unlike any other towing company in New England; instead of you paying us to tow your car, we will pay you…in cash!

That’s right, our towing services aren’t very conventional; on a typical day, a client will call to describe a car they want to sell us, and based on the description we will schedule a time to meet at the clients’ home so we can inspect the car. After we inspect the car, based on the quality of they car, we will offer the client a sum of money we are willing to pay.

If the client accepts our offer we will pay cash for the car and tow it away to our junk yard in Walpole MA.

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617-719-6436 to Remove Your Junk Car

We always pay cash up front, and it’s always our goal to provide fair and accurate estimates.

Once we purchase your junker,  we tow it away to our junk yard, and recycle the parts that are salvageable; without even knowing it,paying us to tow your junker away is inevitably helping to make the environment a better place.

For more information about our recycling services, please feel free to give ARS Towing & Junk Car Removal a call at 617-719-6436. We do give over the phone estimates, but the official estimate/offer occurs when we have a chance to inspect the car ourselves!

Let’s make the environment a better place together by recycling old, junkers!

Junk Car Yard in Walpole MA

Here at ARS Towing & Junk Car Removal, we tow junk cars from homes all over Massachusetts and bring them to our junk yard in Walpole MA!

Our service is set up to be as convenient as possible; in a nutshell, our customers will call regarding their junk car, explain the condition, and schedule a time for  us to inspect the car, pay them cash, and tow the car to our junk yard. Junk Car

After we inspect the condition of the car we will tell the customer how much we are willing to give them in exchange for their car. If they agree with what we valued their car at, we will pay them cash and tow the car to Walpole MA.

We actually have two locations: a location for our tow trucks, and the location of our yard. We already mentioned that our junk yard is located in Walpole, the location of our tow trucks is in Boston’s Hyde Park MA. Because we have locations in two different parts of the state, we are not subjected to a single part of the state.

Since our yard is located in Walpole, making trips over to Rhode Island is quick and easy. Many of our competitors are stuck in one area of the state because of where their yard is located; since we pretty much have two locations, we are able to spread our services to just about every city and town in the eastern part of the state!

For more information about our junk car removal services, or for a free estimate, please give us a call at 617-719-6436.

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