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How to Get Cash for a Broken Car


If your car is too old or too costly to repair, then the best option available to you is to sell your broken car to us! While it may sound strange that something broken has value, one man’s junk really is another’s treasure. In order to make money off your broken car, you need to find someone that has an interest in the parts that have value or still work. A dealership won’t consider it since its too big of a risk. Hobbyists that are into car repair may be interested only if your car model is limited or exclusive. Your best option, however, is to scrap you broken junk car.

ARS Towing & Boston Junk Car will inspect the car, see what can be saved from it and then turn the rest of the car into scrap metal. We safely remove hazardous parts and liquids and dispose of these toxic substances, following all the legal guidelines and regulations. The metals are getting recycled, so your scrap car is not harming the environment anymore!

Make sure you still have the title to the car, otherwise selling it will not be possible since that is what proves ownership. Try to assess the condition of your car and get a rough estimate on how much you should get from it if it’s in a somewhat working condition. Look up any information regarding the cost of repairs and compare that to how much you can earn out of it since it may be worth it to do some repairs before selling it.

If you can sell it then the first thing you should do is look up an estimate online. Get a quote from us, since we can guarantee you the fairest price and most reliable ease of sale. We will tow your broken car off your property for free as soon as the next business day! Call ARS Towing & Boston Junk Car today at 617-719-6436!

How to Sell Your Junk Car Fast


Did you know, nowadays your car’s value depreciates twice as faster than 5 years ago? The market is booming with brand new cars, which is why it becomes so much harder to sell an old vehicle at a price you want. And the longer you wait, the harder it gets to get rid of your junk car fast. ARS Towing & Boston Junk Car Removal knows the trick in getting you the best value-cash deal for your scrap car as soon as the following business day!


Get Everything Ready

Occasionally, you can try to increase the value of your scrap car, by getting it cleaned, waxed and vacuumed. If the car is drivable, take it to the mechanic and have it inspected – this way you’ll know for sure what works and what doesn’t, and you’ll have a clearer understanding of how much cash you can expect for it. Most importantly, prepare the documents – title, bill of sale, the release of liability, warranty, etc. Read our past blog post to make sure everything is in place. Then, do the research and find out how much your car goes for at several car dealers’. Consider the mileage and the extent of damages to figure out the average.


Get Out There

Come up with a fair price your old vehicle deserves – not too low but not too high either. You can try negotiating, though keep in mind the minimum cash amount you can agree upon. Go to a car dealership and find out if they are interested in your vehicle. Depending on the condition, they might still give you an offer and help out with the DMV paperwork. Keep in mind, that car dealers will keep at least 15% commission from the sale, so you might be better off scrapping your car! Any car, van or truck no matter of its condition, can be towed away for free and you’ll still make instant money on top of that.


Seal the Deal

When you get the best offer, make sure you’re dealing with a reputable car trader. Stay away from the ones, that will ask you to drive to suspicious off-site locations or are too pushy to make a transaction. When you get rid of your junk car, don’t forget about the paperwork.


Ready to declutter your property from a scrap vehicle? Contact ARS Towing & Boston Junk Car Removal for a free quote by submitting our convenient online form or calling 617-719-6436!

How to Avoid Junk Car Removal Scams


If you’re trying to sell your car, one option that is often overlooked is selling it to a junk car removal service. Some car salesmen have a reputation of exploiting buyers and either buying too low or selling too high; while it’s not true for all salesmen this, unfortunately, does apply to some. Since it’s difficult to find a sweet spot where both the seller and buyer are satisfied, here are a few things to look out for to make sure you get your money’s worth when selling your vehicle to a scrap car removal service.


ARS Towing & Junk Car Removal has an earned reputation of the legitimate business that gives out honest information and a fair value for your vehicle! A good way to find out if the salesman is trying to scam you is by seeing how much they will offer. When selling your car to other auto junk yards they will evaluate its value on tons, of which there are two types. A net ton is 2,000 pounds but a metric ton is 2,240 pounds, meaning you lose out on a lot of money if they are charging you in net tons. Be sure to check what units they use to charge you and be ready to walk away if they use net tons. Be sure to ask about any fees for towing as well since some will try to charge you twice by including the fee once in the car’s cost and then again after they tow your car. Unlike them, we will tow your junk car at no extra charge!


Never sell under pressure. A classic trick many salesmen use is to pressure the buyer into making a quick purchase because people tend to buckle under pressure. ARS Towing & Boston Junk Car Removal will give you honest information and the time to verify it or at least think about your sale. When it comes to payment always try to get cash the very moment you’re signing off the title on your car. Once you sign, you’re no longer the owner and have almost no options when it comes to payment. If you don’t want cash then make sure you’re using a reputable dealer. Never accept payment plans and if they offer an escrow service then make sure it is done by an unrelated third party.


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