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What Is a Junk Car?

A Junk Car is any vehicle which is no longer operable where the cost to repair outweighs the potential sale value of the car once running. In most cases, the owner of the junk vehicle has forsaken the vehicle and moved on to an actually functioning vehicle.

How Can Boston Junk Car Help?

Junk Cars may no longer function, and may seem to be little more than garbage, but they DO have value. We act as both a service and a buyer/seller. We will come to your location, PAY YOU CASH for your junk car, and take care of all of the handling to remove the vehicle from your property. We then take your vehicle and sell it to a junk-yard.

What Is My Junk Car Worth, and Why Should I Use Your Service?

All Junk Cars differ in value based on make, model, year, condition and several other factors. Some are worth more than others intrinsically, and others are less valuable simply because they require more labor to remove. Boston Junk Car will always give you a FAIR QUOTE on your vehicle’s value. To find out more about why you should use US, read more about Junk Vehicle services here!

What If My Junk Car Is Really Damaged?

We pretty much buy all types of clunkers, from mid sized cars, to vans and trucks; it doesn’t matter what condition, age, year, make, or model the car is, we will pay cash based on its value!

We offer non-binding estimates over the phone, so that you have an idea of both the process and the value of your car before you decide to sell it to us. Even if your car has been totaled, physically damaged, water or flood damaged, stripped down, there’s no title or have mechanical issues, we will take it off your hands.

Do I Have Other Options?

You do have other options and they are well described in a simple sense here. However, for most people who work full-time, and do not have access to trucks and/or common auto-mechanic tools, most other options require a level of labor that will ultimately cost the junk car owner.

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