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ARS Towing proudly serves the residents of Allston, MA.  Allston is a neighborhood in the western part of Boston, and was named after the American painter and poet, Washington Allston.  Since Allston is so close to Hyde Park, many of our clients come from this area.

Boston Junk Car has been providing residents of Allston, MA with extremely reasonable prices for used and junk cars.

Junk Car Removal in Allston, MA

At ARS Towing, we remove junk cars and pay the customer cash in exchange.  The amount of money we offer depends on the value of the vehicle, but we always offer the fairest price for each junk car we purchase.  We remove just about any type of car, van, truck, or mid-sized vehicle, no matter what the make, year, or model is! So bring your soon to be junked automobile over our way, and we’ll take a look and give you as much as we can for its value.

Boston Junk Car also provides other services like accident forgiveness, where we take your car and give you cash for it after it has been involved in an accident. Accidents can be very stressful especially when your car gets totaled. We want to help that stress by buying it off of you for cash! 

Our hours are 6AM-9PM, Monday-Saturday. However, we realize that people have busy schedules, so we always accept appointments outside of our regular hours!

If you are looking for a free estimate, or are interested in using our junk car removal services, please contact us at 617-719-6436.

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