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Cumberland, Rhode Island is located in Providence county. It is 7 miles N of Pawtucket, RI and 32 miles southwest of Boston, MA. Cumberland was originally part of Rehoboth, MA but was declared its own town in 1746. When it was declared its own town it was also established as a town in Rhode Island and not Massachusetts.

If you’re looking to enjoy attractions in or around Cumberland, RI you can visit the Valley Falls Heritage Park, Lincoln Woods State Park, Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor, Arnold Arboretum, and more! There are also several parks and trails in Cumberland, RI to enjoy activities such as hiking and picnicking.

Boston Junk Car has been providing residents of Cumberland, RI with extremely reasonable prices for used and junk cars.

Junk Car Removal in Cumberland, RI

At Boston Junk Car, we provide free towing services when you decide to get rid of your vehicle and even pay you in cash! We want to put money in your pocket no matter what kind of vehicle you have whether it be a car, van or truck! So bring your soon to be junked automobile over our way, and we’ll take a look and give you as much as we can for its value.

Boston Junk Car also provides other services like accident forgiveness, where we take your car and give you cash for it after it has been involved in an accident. Unfortunately, there are times where your car is beyond repair after an accident and our goal is to make that time easier on you. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

For more information on all Boston Junk Car Services, give us a call at  617-719-6436 or fill out a contact form. We look forward to making the most out of your used vehicle.

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