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Malden, MA is a city in Middlesex County and has a population of just about 60,000 people. Here at ARS Towing & Junk Car Removal, we frequently remove junk cars from Malden.

Customers will call us and say that they are interested in our car removal services.  We will then ask them to describe the model, make, year, and the condition of the car, and give them a free over the phone estimate based on their description.

Then, our professionals will drive a tow truck to the customers location and inspect the car themselves. After they have inspected the car, they will give a more accurate value of the car and how much we will pay for it.  Once a price is agreed on, they will tow the car to our junk yard!

We make pickups in cities and towns across Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We strive to offer fair prices to all of our clients. For more information about our junk car removal services, call ARS Towing & Junk Car Removal at 617-719-6436.

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