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North Attleboro, MA is a town in Bristol County and has a population of just about 29,000 people. Even though ARS Towing & Junk Car Removal is based in Boston, MA, we have removed many junk cars from this town and many other towns in the Bristol County area.

Here at ARS Towing & Junk Car Removal, our tow trucks pick up old clunkers from homes in North Attleboro. In exchange for your junk cars, we pay you cash! We always offer fair assessments and pay the highest prices for junk cars in New England!

The way our process usually works, is that a customer will call us regarding a car they want removed from their property.  We will ask them to tell us the condition, the size, year, model, etc. and based on this description we will give a non-binding estimate on how much the car is worth. Once we give an estimate, we will then bring our tow trucks to the customers’ home in North Attleboro.  We then give the car a thorough inspection and offer the customer a more accurate value of their junk car.  If the customer agrees with our assessment, we will give them cash and tow the car away to our junk yard!

For more information, or to schedule a time to get rid of a junk car in your yard, please give ARS Towing & Junk Car Removal a call at 617-719-6436.

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