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Being based in Hyde Park, it allows us to remove junk cars from cities and towns all around Boston, MA.  One of our most popular towns for removing junk cars from is Randolph, MA.  Since 2012 we have been purchasing junk cars from clients in Randolph, and towing them to our junk yard.  Randolph is just a short 15 mile ride from our Hyde Park headquarters, making pickups quick and easy!

Our junk car removal services are very straight forward.  When we receive an inquiry via phone or email from a customer in Randolph about a junk car they no longer want, we ask them to describe their junk car for us.  We ask for the model, year, body condition (flat tires, nicks and scratches, dents) does it run, etc.

Based on this description, we can give a free over the phone estimate, and if the customer agrees with the estimate, we will schedule a time where we can inspect the car in person.  At this inspection is where we will give a final value for the car that we are willing to pay.  If the customer agrees with how much we valued their car at, we will pay them cash, hook their car up to our tow truck, and carry on our way to our junk yard.

For more information regarding our junk car removal services, please give ARS Towing & Junk Car Removal a call at 617-719-6436.

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