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Wellesley, MA is a town in Norfolk County and is home to both Wellesley College &  Babson College.  Although our junkyard is located in Hyde Park, MA, we make many trips to the suburbs of Wellesley to remove junk cars!

Cash For Junk Cars in Wellesley, MA

Many people ask how our junk car removal services work.  When we receive a call from a client interested in getting rid of their junk car, we will have them describe the condition of the car, the model, etc.  Based on that description, we will give an over-the-phone estimate.  This is just a ballpark figure which isn’t official until we inspect the car ourselves.  If the customer agrees with the over-the-phone estimate, we will set up a time where we can meet with the customer and inspect the car ourselves.  After we inspect the car ourselves, we will give them a final figure; if they agree with this figure, we pay them cash and tow the car away!

Free Junk Car Towing in Wellesley, MA

After we inspect your car and we agree on a price, we’ll tow your car away for free! You won’t have to worry at all about getting your car to the junkyard yourself or having to pay to get it towed. We normally work during regular work hours but we know life is busy for a lot of people, therefore, we are willing to pick up your car any time of day or even on the weekends. We pride ourselves on accommodating our customers!

For any questions, a free estimate, or to schedule a junk car pick-up, please feel free to give us a call at 617-719-6436.

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