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How to Sell Your Junk Car Fast

Did you know, nowadays your car’s value depreciates twice as faster than 5 years ago? The market is booming with brand new cars, which is why it becomes so much harder to sell an old vehicle at a price you want. And the longer you wait, the harder it gets to get rid of your junk car fast. ARS Towing & Boston Junk Car Removal knows the trick in getting you the best value-cash deal for your scrap car as soon as the following business day!


Get Everything Ready

Occasionally, you can try to increase the value of your scrap car, by getting it cleaned, waxed and vacuumed. If the car is drivable, take it to the mechanic and have it inspected – this way you’ll know for sure what works and what doesn’t, and you’ll have a clearer understanding of how much cash you can expect for it. Most importantly, prepare the documents – title, bill of sale, the release of liability, warranty, etc. Read our past blog post to make sure everything is in place. Then, do the research and find out how much your car goes for at several car dealers’. Consider the mileage and the extent of damages to figure out the average.


Get Out There

Come up with a fair price your old vehicle deserves – not too low but not too high either. You can try negotiating, though keep in mind the minimum cash amount you can agree upon. Go to a car dealership and find out if they are interested in your vehicle. Depending on the condition, they might still give you an offer and help out with the DMV paperwork. Keep in mind, that car dealers will keep at least 15% commission from the sale, so you might be better off scrapping your car! Any car, van or truck no matter of its condition, can be towed away for free and you’ll still make instant money on top of that.


Seal the Deal

When you get the best offer, make sure you’re dealing with a reputable car trader. Stay away from the ones, that will ask you to drive to suspicious off-site locations or are too pushy to make a transaction. When you get rid of your junk car, don’t forget about the paperwork.


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5 Benefits of De-Cluttering Your Garage

We all know that cleaning out the garage is probably the least fun thing to do on a weekend afternoon. But taking advantage of the task can ultimately afford you storage space for organization and will save you the trouble of having to do it again later, as long as you maintain it. Its main purpose is to store our most valuable possessions: our cars. So we need to treat it as such.

According to some surveys, roughly 25% of homeowners use their garages for their vehicles. The others can’t due to clutter. About the same amount have admitted to feeling embarrassed at the sight of their garage. But keeping your car safe and secure isn’t the only reason you should be thinking about clearing stuff out. Here are the top 5 benefits of decluttering your garage.

To Park Your Car

Seems kind of obvious, doesn’t it? But this is a garage’s intended purpose. It’s not necessarily a matter of having a place to store your vehicle when it’s not in use but keeping it protected. Weather can cause damage during all seasons – from sleet, hail, rain, and snow to UV rays, overheating, and rusting.

It can also reduce the chance of having your car subjected to things falling from trees, trees themselves, and bird droppings, which are highly acidic and can cause serious aesthetic injury when combined with heat and cold. Let’s not forget, parking your car elsewhere, like on the street, also exposes your car to potential accidents and theft. If you have a garage, use it.

Protect Your Valuables

While this may sound redundant to the first point, there is more to protecting your car than just damage and theft. That is, so long as your garage is also locked. It’s protective storage. Not only is security being employed, but you’re also safeguarding yourself from insurance hassles should something happen to your vehicle outside of a garage.

The same goes for anything else of value you decide to store in there, like a bicycle, refrigerator, surfboard, or memorabilia with sentimental value.

Save Your Money

While you will most likely save money on potential car repairs and insurance woes by keeping your car parked in the garage, there are other ways you’ll be saving money too. Most people tend to store tools and sometimes even appliances in their garages.

When you declutter your garage to organize everything in there, you won’t have to go out shopping for something new every time you think you’ve lost what you’ve been looking for. And when you clean it all out you can earn some extra cash with… a garage sale!

Have Space to Tinker

Now that you have that open space, you can finally have a chance to install that workbench you always wanted. Or, if you like to get greasy, you’ll now have the opportunity to brush up on your mechanic skills. Electrical outlets in the garage also make it handy to tinker with electronics and other gadgets as well.

Keep Away Rodents and Critters

While we often think of keeping things inside the garage, we forget about what we want to be kept out. Rats, mice, raccoons, possums, and insect nests sometimes plague homeowners – especially when items are kept outside and uncovered. These rodents and insects are not only pests but can also cause destruction. Reduce the mess, weatherproof your garage, and keep unwanted guests out.

If you need more information on decluttering your garage and how to get rid of old vehicles you might be storing in the Greater Boston and Metrowest areas, ARS Towing & Junk Car Removal (aka Boston Junk Car) can help.  We pride ourselves on providing courteous service, fast removal, and fair quotes on all cars or trucks we remove or tow. Get in touch with us today for a quote!

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