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Most Valuable Parts of Your Car

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No matter how old or new your car is, it’s important to recognize what parts are the most valuable and which aren’t. Knowing the value of your car can help give you an indication of how much it’s worth when you go to sell or junk it. Let’s take a look at what some of the most valuable parts of your car are!


GPS System

Although phones are mostly used for GPS navigation, many cars have built-in GPS systems that can add an extra couple hundred dollars to its value.


It seems this car part is only brought up when people are talking about “fender benders” but fenders serve an important role. They help protect the undercarriage of your car as well as the wheel wells from damage. Most cars these days have the fenders and bumpers attached so it’s possible that you end up paying to replace both even if only the fenders are damaged. For that reason, used fenders are in high demand.


Not everyone owns a Jeep where the doors come off. For those that have standard two or four-door vehicles, proper working doors can add a considerable amount of value to your car. Although they are considered just one car part there are a lot of smaller, individual parts that go into in like window controls, mirror controls, lock and unlock buttons, and sheet metal. Each of those parts can be sold separately and help you maximize profit.

Tires and Rims

Used tire parts are a no brainer to sell. Cars that sport aluminum rims are usually in high demand and can be sold to car enthusiasts who like to do modifications.


Nothing is worse than driving in silence for hours upon hours. A broken radio is a nightmare for any driver and is usually something that ends up getting replaced regardless for a better, high-quality version. If you have a custom radio in your car, it can put an extra couple hundred dollars in your pocket.

Boston Junk Car

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How to Get Cash for a Broken Car

If your car is too old or too costly to repair, then the best option available to you is to sell your broken car to us! While it may sound strange that something broken has value, one man’s junk really is another’s treasure. In order to make money off your broken car, you need to find someone that has an interest in the parts that have value or still work. A dealership won’t consider it since its too big of a risk. Hobbyists that are into car repair may be interested only if your car model is limited or exclusive. Your best option, however, is to scrap you broken junk car.

ARS Towing & Boston Junk Car will inspect the car, see what can be saved from it and then turn the rest of the car into scrap metal. We safely remove hazardous parts and liquids and dispose of these toxic substances, following all the legal guidelines and regulations. The metals are getting recycled, so your scrap car is not harming the environment anymore!

Make sure you still have the title to the car, otherwise selling it will not be possible since that is what proves ownership. Try to assess the condition of your car and get a rough estimate on how much you should get from it if it’s in a somewhat working condition. Look up any information regarding the cost of repairs and compare that to how much you can earn out of it since it may be worth it to do some repairs before selling it.

If you can sell it then the first thing you should do is look up an estimate online. Get a quote from us, since we can guarantee you the fairest price and most reliable ease of sale. We will tow your broken car off your property for free as soon as the next business day! Call ARS Towing & Boston Junk Car today at 617-719-6436!

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