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How to Avoid Junk Car Removal Scams

If you’re trying to sell your car, one option that is often overlooked is selling it to a junk car removal service. Some car salesmen have a reputation of exploiting buyers and either buying too low or selling too high; while it’s not true for all salesmen this, unfortunately, does apply to some. Since it’s difficult to find a sweet spot where both the seller and buyer are satisfied, here are a few things to look out for to make sure you get your money’s worth when selling your vehicle to a scrap car removal service.


ARS Towing & Junk Car Removal has an earned reputation of the legitimate business that gives out honest information and a fair value for your vehicle! A good way to find out if the salesman is trying to scam you is by seeing how much they will offer. When selling your car to other auto junk yards they will evaluate its value on tons, of which there are two types. A net ton is 2,000 pounds but a metric ton is 2,240 pounds, meaning you lose out on a lot of money if they are charging you in net tons. Be sure to check what units they use to charge you and be ready to walk away if they use net tons. Be sure to ask about any fees for towing as well since some will try to charge you twice by including the fee once in the car’s cost and then again after they tow your car. Unlike them, we will tow your junk car at no extra charge!


Never sell under pressure. A classic trick many salesmen use is to pressure the buyer into making a quick purchase because people tend to buckle under pressure. ARS Towing & Boston Junk Car Removal will give you honest information and the time to verify it or at least think about your sale. When it comes to payment always try to get cash the very moment you’re signing off the title on your car. Once you sign, you’re no longer the owner and have almost no options when it comes to payment. If you don’t want cash then make sure you’re using a reputable dealer. Never accept payment plans and if they offer an escrow service then make sure it is done by an unrelated third party.


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Why Junk Car Removal is Good for Environment

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Re-using Scrap Metal

The amount of scrap metal that you old vehicle consists of can be repurposed and put to better use. The metal manufacturing process can be extremely harmful to the environment, as it drains natural resources of carbon and oil. Re-using the metal from a junk car means saving these resources. About 14 million tons of steel is taken from scrapped cars every year, which saves around 85 million barrels of oil every year. Additionally, aluminum from engine heads, transmission fluid coolers and radiators can be recycled as well.

Safe Disposal of Toxic Substances

Scrap metals and tires are not the only parts that need attention when it comes to junk car removal and recycling. On average, a junk car contains 5-10 gallons of fluids, including battery acid, antifreeze, brake fluid, power steering fluid. Some of these chemical substances contain mercury and sodium azide, which are highly toxic. If leaked, these substances can be extremely harmful to the environment by contaminating soil and water, causing damage to plants and wildlife, as well as to people. Thus, old vehicle scrapping should always be taken care of by professionals.

Removing Every Possible Part of the Car

When you think of junk car removal, you might just envision your car being crushed by a machine and thrown on a pile of metal. In fact, it’s more complicated than that. Every single part that can be removed, from floor mats to battery, is removed to be recycled, reused or sold. Batteries, axles, transmissions, radiators and the like will be checked over and if they look salvageable, they’ll be removed, tested and given a new lease of life by being reused in newer vehicles.When everything has been taken out, the metal framework of the car will be crushed and compacted.


Recycling junk cars prevent them from decaying in your yard, polluting the environment, soil, and water with greenhouse gases, such as methane. Why wait until your battery starts disintegrating, causing lead pollution? Contact ARS Towing and Boston Junk Car Removal if you care about your carbon footprint! We will get rid of your scrap vehicle in the most efficient and environmentally-friendly way! Call us today at 617-719-6436!

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